Board Game


If you are one of the lovers of the game, then you are no stranger to the Board Game. Yes, this is a game that is very popular in various circles, especially children and adolescents. Board Game is a game performed on a special board with various rules and ways of playing that have been determined. In the Board Game also required several components such as pawns, pieces, or tokens that are moved on a special board to complete the game process. Example Board This game is chess and monopoly. Both of these games are carried out on special boards that have been made in such a way with certain components to complete the game.

In Indonesia, various kinds of Board Games have been made with certain objectives. But usually, these goals are educational, because they require thinking in playing them. Board Games not only have educational value, but there are also entertainment values. By playing this game, you will be entertained and will further hone your brain. Board Games are very suitable for children and teenagers. Therefore, many creative board game makers designed this game by creating the latest innovations so that many are interested. This game is also very suitable to be played with family, because it has educational value and can be used as entertainment.

The various educational values ​​contained in the Board of this Game are classified as many, among them are to hone thinking skills. By playing Board Game, your brain will be honed because automatically you will look for new strategies to defeat your opponent. In addition, you must think quickly but still with careful thinking, so that the strategies you provide are right about your opponent. Sharpening the brain is of course needed for everyone, especially for children who are in the development stage. This game will spur your brain to keep thinking of finding a way out so you win and defeat your opponent.

The educational value contained in the Board of the next game is that you can practice accuracy. The Board Game will keep you careful when considering decisions, so that your next steps will not be an advantage for your opponent. If you play but are not careful, then your opponent will always be one step ahead of you. That is because it is not meticulous synonymous with carelessness. Not being careful in playing a game will lead to defeat. The next educational value is to train you to be patient. Board Game is a game that requires thinking, so it is not uncommon for this game to take a long time to complete. Like chess games, these games are usually quite long because they have to set a good strategy to defeat the opponent.

Then the next educational value is to train you in concentrating. If you want to win, concentration is needed. This concentration is needed when you set the strategy and when you are playing the game. Concentration in playing will help you to find a good solution. If you don’t concentrate, you can win in the game, but it’s only because of luck. In any play, concentration is needed, especially as a Board Game that requires high concentration. So, don’t be surprised if this Game Board takes a long time to complete.

Some of the educational values ​​contained in the Board Game as described above will greatly affect brain development. Besides playing, you can also train your brain’s ability to think carefully and thoroughly. Therefore, the many educational values ​​contained make this Board Game so popular today. All circles can play it, wherever and whenever. As long as the player really understands the course of the game along with the rules that have been determined. You will get a lot by playing Board Games, but the main thing is the ability to train brain development. Therefore, many parents are interested in choosing this game board compared to other games on the market.