Children Games


At present there are more and more games plus a variety of supporting gadgets. This also happens for children’s games. But as a parent, you must be careful about choosing the type of game for children, because it needs to be considered the impact that can be caused by remembering childhood is a period of learning and imitation. Parents must be clever in sorting out, if necessary, read the reviews of the game first so that conclusions can be drawn whether the game is suitable to be played by children or not. Parents must know which games are good for their children and which ones are not. But it must also be considered, whether the game is visually interesting or not.

Candy Land is a friendly game for children. In addition, the colors like the candy offered will arouse their attention. This is a game that carries a classic theme and can be played by two to four people for the age of three and above. This uses a game board like a snake ladder game, and now many have adapted it to online games. You just choose which method is the most fun for the child. If you don’t have the game, you can play it digitally. Candy Land is a game that is very much loved from the past and can provide interesting lessons for children.

Parents can also accompany children to play the game because this is in need of more than one player. In addition, parents can take advantage of this moment to teach children about various colors. Three years is the age at which children are in great curiosity and are ready to absorb a variety of information. Candy Land is a tool to learn to recognize colors that are fun and exciting. Parents can also make the game Candy Land become times to get closer to children in a pleasant atmosphere, so that good communication is formed. Candy Land game has been recognized by many as a game that is useful and has good elements as a special game requirement for children.

How to play Candy Land is very simple. Considering this is a game intended for small children starting at the age of three, so reading skills are not needed to be able to play it. What is needed is knowledge about color, if the child has not memorized the whole color, parents can guide and tell him slowly, surely the child will memorize the whole color. This game has four pawns that must be driven to race quickly to Candy Castle. If the player is only two, it means only two pawns. There are many cards that contain colors that must be shuffled and arranged in reverse, later the player will take cards one by one to determine their next steps.

Taking cards is done alternately. There are three types of cards available, namely cards that only have one color, cards that have two colors, and cards that have images. Each determines the movement of the pawn differently, for example when the child takes the card behind it is blue, meaning the pawn must move to the blue box. If the child gets a card that contains two colors and pictures, then another must be done. This game proved to be fun because besides learning about color, it also learned to receive surprises, because the cards taken were not always as expected.

Candy Land games are highly recommended for children and do not cause negative effects. Conversely, children learn fun. Although, sometimes the player must feel disappointed because it is not the first to get to the castle. However, parents can explain that this is just a game and it will be more fun if the defeat is faced casually. Candy Land is an adventure game that is suitable for small children and does not rule out the possibility also for adults who want to feel the sensation of an easy and exciting game. Board games that are full of various colors and pawns in the form of gingerbread are a plus point in this game to attract the attention of children. Come on, play the Candy Land game to introduce colors and plunge into sweet and fun adventures.