Having a high-paying job is the dream of every human being. How not, with the amount of wealth we have, it will make life better. Financial establishment is also a prestige in the eyes of the public. For those of you who want to know what jobs have the highest salary in Indonesia, we have collected the data. Here are the jobs that have the highest salary.

  1. Informatics Engineering Expert

Everything that smells of technique is a good thing, because technical words are related to a large salary in front of the eye. As an Information Engineering expert, a person has expertise that is very much needed today. The rapid development of cyberspace is the cause. Go-Jek, as the largest transportation supervision company in Indonesia in collaboration with Indian companies, is one of the benchmarks. If you are an Information Engineering expert, you might be ‘applied’ by Go-Jek to develop the application.

  1. Member of the House of Representatives (DPR)

No doubt, a legislative candidate (candidate) from a party fighting for a seat in the DPR is solely because he is tempted by a large salary, not because he wants to be a genuine people’s representative. For the main salary of a member of the House of Representatives is Rp. 15 million per month, then the estimated employment, service, health, etc. can reach Rp. 50 million per month. Not yet if “fat funds” are here and there which also add fat belly of a member of the House of Representatives.

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The boss of a company, or more coolly called a CEO, has a salary estimated at Rp. 1 billion per month. This big salary is not without its burden, but because the burden and responsibility are so great that a CEO is paid that much. The CEO regulates the running of a company. He is also responsible to shareholders.

  1. HRD

Managers who oversee and recruit new employees are strategic positions in a company. Instead of increasing company productivity, it even makes the company lose money. So, once an employee recruitment manager or the best known as HRD is a strategic position in a company. The salary of an HRD alone can reach IDR 75 million per month.

  1. Pilot

Being a pilot is a dream come true. “Driver” of this aircraft must have a dexterous attitude, be reliable, can eliminate passenger tension if the plane has trubulence, and others. If the plane crashes, the first person responsible for this is a pilot. Usually the black boss will be searched for, whose recordings are heard so they know the cause of the accident. On this matter, it doesn’t matter if a pilot’s salary can reach up to Rp. 70 million in a month.

  1. Medical specialist

A month’s specialist salary can penetrate the Rp. 50 million per month. Indeed, a specialist is sought after because of his expertise in diagnosing certain limbs. However, for the tuition itself is not small.

  1. Lawyer

Jurisprudence, or legal experts are often linked to lawyers. Not wrong indeed. Because the lawyer must be a legal expert. Being a lawyer is not an easy matter. A person must understand each article and know exactly the case he is handling. Not infrequently, the case that is handled by a lawyer is a matter of life to death for someone. Because of the things mentioned earlier, the salary of a lawyer can penetrate IDR 100 also in one case.

  1. Oil Technic

Being an oil engineering expert can be a dream of many people. This is due to the amount of salary if you work in this field. Allegedly, companies engaged in the oil and gas sector are willing to pay fresh graduates as much as Rp 7 million a month. If you are a senior employee, you can break the Rp. 150 million per month.

Those are some of the jobs that have the highest salaries in Indonesia. However, that does not mean that if you become someone who has become one of the people above, you will immediately become a millionaire. There are certain factors and career paths that you have to tread one by one to reach the level you want. The desire to never be satisfied with a capaia is something that must be owned by every employee, because this will make you continue to try as much as possible for what you do.

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